The first house owner was Pancrazio Pozzo, who let the house in year 1904 to an amateur drama group from Occhieppo, who then redesigned it into the „Teatro Floreale“.

We have found a tenancy contract from those days, written by

hand - as was the practice then.

It describes the precise structure of the theatre. A solicitor wrote:
„... new premises, the floor completely finished in parquette, and with a
wooden ceiling, except the part of the ceiling above the stage, which is covered
with curtain material. The walls of the auditorium and the gallery and the
smaller adjoining rooms are richly covered with decorative ornaments, whereas
remaining rooms have got a simpler rough plaster rendering. Since the complete house is a new construction it is, hence , in excellent state ...“
The lease contract starts February 1
st, 1904 and ends on January 31st, 1907.

In 1914 the building was sold to the Lacchia family, who transformed

it into a factory where they then produced metal washers.

At the end of the Second World War the Lacchia Family remodelled the house into
a residence.

In 2000, my husband Roberto and I bought the house and we restored it carefully,
since we literally had fallen in love with this huge house.

Its history and the many events which had taken place within its walls

moved us deeply .

On May 30th in 2009, we then plunged into a new undertaking – we opened our
„Bed & Breakfast Sabrina“.

Thanks to this business idea we now have the opportunity to meet many people who stay with us and to build new contacts

.... with the whole world!

Hoping not to have bored you with our little story, we wish

you a really lovely stay and thank you for choosing us.



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